Ahsanullah Institute of Technical & Vocational Education & Training
AITVETSince 1995
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        AhsanullahInstitute of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (AITVET) offers education for each and every determent of a global standard. We put emphasis equal importance in the both practical and theoretical. The curriculum so focuses on student – oriented education, enhancing problem solving approaches, superior level thinking skills and learning experience.

Diploma in Engineering Programs of AITVET:

Serial no.Curriculum Code no. Name of the Technology Number of seats in Karwan Bazar Campus
Morning ShiftDay Shift
01. 61 Architecture Technology5050
02. 63 Chemical Technology 50
03. 64 Civil Technology 50100
04. 66 Computer Technology 50100
05. 67 Electrical Technology 50100
06. 68 Electronics Technology5050
07. 19 Textile Technology 5050

** Morning Shift starts from – 8.00 AM
** Day Shift starts from – 10.15 AM

Admission Fee and Semester Fee:

Serial no. Expenditure sectors Amount of tk (for Engineering Technology) Amount of tk (for Textile Technology)
01. Admission Fee (Admission, Registration and ID card) 5,000/-5,000/-
02. Semester Fee 18,000/- 18,000/-
     a. Tuition Fee 6,500/- 6,500/-
     b. Laboratory Fee 3,000/- 4,000/-
     c. Internal Exam Fee 500/- 500/-
     d. Establishment Fee 6,000/- 7,000/-
03. Application fee of online by Bangladesh Technical Education Board 160/- 160/-

** Admission fee is applicable only for 1st semester which is 5,000/- tk.

Admission Information:

  1. The minimum educational qualification for getting admission in the first semester of the Diploma in Engineering course is the GPA prescribed by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) for passing the S.S.C or equivalent examination.
  2. H.S.C. (Vocational) Passed students will get the opportunity to be admitted in the fourth semester directly.
  3. H.S.C. (Science) Passed students will get the opportunity to be admitted directly in the third semester.
  4. Class conducting time: Classes are conducted daily in two shifts from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  5. Certification: Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) conducts all the 8 semester examination and issues certificates to successful students.
  6. Higher Education: After passing the Diploma in Engineering, there are opportunities to get higher education as well as jobs in the country and abroad.

Prospectus of AITVET: